Filings with Stock Exchange

Intimation under reg 57(1) application/pdf 330 KB
Certificate under reg 52(5) from Debenture Trustee for Financial results of March 2019 application/pdf 201.6 KB
Intimation of Financial Results 2019 application/pdf 3.1 MB
Intimation under reg 57(1) application/pdf 152.4 KB
Adoption of Code under SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 application/pdf 37.4 KB
Initial disclosure as Large Corporate application/pdf 315 KB
Annual Undertaking -Regulation 57(2) application/pdf 130.6 KB
Advance Intimation under regulation 52(2)(a) application/pdf 119.9 KB
Intimation of Record Date for Interest Payment-Regulation 50(1) & 60(2) application/pdf 236.6 KB
Statement of Investor Complaints-March 2019 quarter application/pdf 142.8 KB
Compliance Certificate-Regulation 7(3)-HY March 2019 application/pdf 96.9 KB
Half yearly statement of ISIN-March 2019 application/pdf 201.3 KB
Resignation of Mr Reise as MD & CEO, Appointment of Mr Deshpande as MD & CEO application/pdf 30.3 KB
Statement of Investor Complaints-December 2018 quarter application/pdf 63.6 KB
Intimation under regulation 57(1) application/pdf 168.2 KB
Intimation under reg 57(1) application/pdf 179.8 KB
Intimation under reg 57 (1) application/pdf 35.4 KB
Intimation of Un-audited Financial Results 2018 application/pdf 1.3 MB
Half Yearly Statement of ISIN application/pdf 286 KB
Statement on Investor Complaints September 2018 application/pdf 121.8 KB
Intimation of Financial Results 2018 application/pdf 2.7 MB
Compliance Certificate under reg 7(3) application/pdf 128.2 KB
Appointment of Director at 9th AGM application/pdf 116.9 KB
Advance Intimation under Reg 52(2) application/pdf 305 KB
Letter to BSE for CP Rating application/pdf 145 KB
Intimation of UFR and Certificate 2017 application/pdf 1.2 MB
Appointment of Mr. Norbert Dorn as Additional Director application/pdf 181.8 KB
Resignation of Mr. Reinhard Fleger application/pdf 192.3 KB
Adoption of New set of AOA application/pdf 177 KB
Intimation for appointment of Mr. Patrik as MD and CEO application/pdf 131.4 KB
Intimation on resignation of Mr. Kutzner application/pdf 114.4 KB
Intimation for appointment of Mr. Patrik as Addl Dir application/pdf 38.8 KB
Intimation for Interest Payment and record date application/pdf 73.9 KB
Resignation of Mr. Griep as MD & CFO application/pdf 40.6 KB
Intimation for change in Designation of Mr. Cinar application/pdf 43 KB
Annual Undertaking application/pdf 198.2 KB